The STREAM-0D webinar was a great success

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The webinar was useful to present the solution to a wide audience, mainly composed of professionals, experts and researchers in the industrial field.

The STREAM-0D project held a webinar on 27 March in which it was possible to present the project, the results and highlight the involvement of the various project partners. The idea of ​​the webinar was born after the workshop in Poland – also organized by STREAM-0D – was canceled on March 3rd due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Although this is a totally different experience, the webinar is still an excellent dissemination tool: thanks to it, in fact, it has been possible to increase the dissemination outreach on the project, involving users from various countries of Europe and beyond. The interactivity of the exchange was not affected, and the participants were able to ask interesting questions to the partners involved during the webinar.

The online event, entitled “STREAM-0D: A New Vision towards Zero-Defects Manufacturing” was divided into three sessions:

  • STREAM-0D: Real-Time Simulation for Zero-Defect Manufacturing, an introduction to the project
  • The STREAM-0D solution: modules implementation
  • Real case scenarios: the application of STREAM-0D in the automotive industry

The webinar is now available on the project’s YouTube site, at this address: