Smart-decision system working in real time

STREAM-0D is a project funded by the European Union within the Horizon2020 framework.

Its aim is to create an innovative control system integrated in production lines able to reduce the product variability, increase the line flexibility, and achieve zero defect production.

In production lines, critical input parameters – such as components dimensions, material properties, etc. –  are unavoidably subject to variability due to various reasons – for instance, different batches, different suppliers, and so on. This variability highly affects the overall efficiency and flexibility of the production (with rejected units, discarded materials, long downtime to change specifications, etc.), representing a burden in terms of time and costs which could be minimized.

STREAM-0D uses multi-physics simulation models able to predict the product quality indicators in response to these critical input parameters. The models are fed with actual data from online measurements: based on the model prediction, they allow workers to control the critical steps of the line so to adjust the product to the exact design specifications, or to quickly change specifications for producing customized batches.


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