Change specifications via mobile devices

The STREAM-0D challenge is to apply the Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) approach during the manufacturing processes.

ROM is a new generation of techniques which allows obtaining parametric solutions of complex models, which can be particularized in real time for any value of the parameters. ROM models, fed with actual data measured in-line during the process, generate the control data for the production line machines, and enable to adjust the process parameters to get a “perfect” product, fitting exactly the target design specifications.

These models run so fast that they can be executed on tablets or smartphones. This enables the manufacturers to adjust in real time the production parameters, ensuring homogeneity of the products, their compliance with specifications, and the possibility to easily customize their features.
The STREAM-0D system will therefore help manufacturing industries to reach the following high-level objectives:

  • Higher product quality with low variability aiming at zero defects
  • Short product development cycles, with high production line re-configurability
  • Lower manufacturing costs

The STREAM-0D system is being tested in three real application scenarios, thanks to the involvement of three end-user companies in the project.



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