A&T 2019: a report of the event from STREAM-0D

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A&T contributes to the diffusion of the culture of innovation, addressing in particular industrial and scientific audiences. Due to its particular relevance at a local level, STREAM-0D attended the latest edition, which has been held in Turin, Italy, from February 13-15th.

The sustainability of industrial development, which is based on the relationship between technology and culture of innovation, was the topic chosen for the 2019 edition of A&T – Automation and Testing, that has been held in Turin, Italy, from February 13th-15th. This approach towards innovation led STREAM-0D representative, Day One, to attend the event, in order to promote the project’s goals and get in touch with potential stakeholders.

A&T fair, which reached the 13th edition, addressed industrial stakeholders, decision makers and technical executives from small, medium and big enterprises within the manufacturing sector. The event involved also service companies, system integrators and research centers. With more than 400 exhibitors from Italy and abroad and almost 15.000 visitors, A&T resulted in a valid showcase of technologies, prototypes and industrial innovation projects.

This latest edition of A&T proposed 11 conferences, 12 special sessions, 65 workshops; the educational part of the fair was easily connected with the exhibitors showcase: that allowed visitors to metaphorically enter the 4.0 environment and touch that sense of innovation.

One solution, many applications

Specifically, for STREAM-0D, A&T turned out to be a good opportunity to get in touch with research centers and end-users. A solution such as the one proposed by STREAM-0D could be applied to several different manufacturing environments: for example, as additive manufacturing processes like 3D printing grow and finds new applications (like the medical one), demand for accurate monitoring of the final products grows too. And this is where STREAM-0D solution gets into action.

STREAM-0D solution is based on the integration of several technologies (Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cloud) and involves ROM (Reduced Order Modeling) techniques, namely simulation models which are fed with production data and that are useful to perform predictive control and real-time corrections of the production process. STREAM-0D represents therefore a clear example of the Industry 4.0 paradigm, providing also an interesting model of technological integration.

From the dissemination point of view, A&T fair was useful to collect important contacts with publishers and journalists.

See you next year, A&T!


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