Standard Profil Spain, S.A. is a company founded in 1965 and is part of Standard Profil Group which is a leading supplier, established in 1977 in Turkey, producing sealing profiles for automotive manufacturers all around the world. The Group has a wide and prestigious customer portfolio, including brands of BMW Group, Daimler, FCA, VW Group, Renault-Nissan, Toyota etc.

Its proven experience in the automotive sector has put the company as one of the major supplier of this type of products for a wide variety of automotive OEMs. That implies the need for research into new products and innovative processes in the business of sealing systems, searching for continuous improvement in the quality of the final products and processes.

Standard Profil Spain, S.A. will define the industrial requirements and specifications for the implementation of the model-based control in production lines for seal extrusion. It will give support in the technical phases of the project and evaluate the simulation-based control solutions in a production line.

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