Bits of STREAM-0D episode 5 is out!

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Episode 5 of the Bits of STREAM-0D initiative will focus, for the next 10 days, on IES activities related with cloud-based technologies for the project.

IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) are developers of the world’s leading integrated building performance modelling software system, the Virtual Environment.

As such IES have unsurpassed experience in the application of advanced design tools to enhance building performance, and create more sustainable buildings. Founded in 1994, and employing over 100 staff, IES have developed expertise, capabilities, tools and methodologies in areas such as cloud computing, data collection and acquisition, reduced order model creation, automate model calibration techniques, as well as model predictive control and fault detection.

In this video Giulia Barbano, project manager at IES, highlight the company’s involvement in S0d: IES will lead the activities related with cloud-based technologies, with a significant role in cloud storage and computing, data acquisition and cloud-based communications to allow for interoperability of different tools in the STREAM-0D solution.

Bits of Stream-0D is a series of videos and articles from Stream-0D partners.

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