The Institut de Calcul Intensif (ICI) of the École Centrale de Nantes is a High Performance Computing (HPC) Research Institute established at Centrale Nantes in January 2015, awarded with the ConnecTalent Project Call. ICI is committed with the democratization of the numerical tools for a wide range of applications and challenges, including supercomputing and innovative parallel methods and advanced reduced order modelling and numerical methods for engineering. ICI promotes scientific advances and technological innovations through advanced computational modelling, simulation and visualisation methods and tools.

The role of ICI in STREAM-0D is to develop the real-time simulation models based on detailed physics-based models, including all the key components, materials and physical phenomena needed to accurately forecast the product quality indicators. Reduced order modelling methods will allow us to use detailed and computationally expensive physics-based models as instantaneous input-output abaci, or look-up tables, able to run in real time.

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