A new concept of smart factory

STREAM-0D has started in the last quarter of 2016 with a quite ambitious programme.

The first phase of the project focused on deeply analysing the three test-bed industrial plants. The aim was to collect and prioritize the end-user requirements, and make a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of the intervention and the expected benefits it will generate.

For each of the three application project a bill of activities has been generated, aimed at both intervening with the needed hardware (e.g. tracking systems, sensors, measurements methods) and starting designing the data management system and the reduced order model simulation software.

The next phase will be the implementation of the STREAM-0D system in the factories: it implies a very intensive work for fine-tuning the software, the real-time machine and data monitoring, as well as testing the predictive accuracy of the simulation models and the overall integration.

Here we’ll keep you updated about the main results that we will reach during the implementation of the project. Stay tuned!